It happens more often than you think. When a vehicle is brought in to an auto dealership because it's "making weird sounds", sometimes those sounds are a raccoon stowaway like the one found in this Midwest dealership.

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This happened a few days ago inside a car dealership service bay area in Indiana. Here's what one of the techs said about the "visitor" they discovered:

This is a car at the dealership that I work at that was being looked at and we found a raccoon and one of our techs had to pull it out.

This little guy did not want to get out of his SUV hiding place easily.

Good news all around. The raccoon did not appear to be injured in any way and was able to safely go back to wherever raccoons live. As an added bonus, the car technicians will now have stories to tell for years. Hard to live down moments like this where masked animal bandits have to be escorted out of a customer's ride.

This reminds me of a similar episode a few years ago where an auto tech found 4 baby raccoons.

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