I have a hard enough time teaching my puppy not to pee on the kitchen floor.

Western lowland gorilla

Let's connect this to Brews & BBQ this Saturday night. Sorry, no pets will be allowed at the Rockford Speedway. But, if you had a gorilla that played the bass I'm thinking I could get you in.

When you find a video as amazing as this is must be shared.

Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers sat down with Koko, who is an amazingly smart gorilla who achieved international notoriety after learning how to communicate with over 1,000 words in what have been called Gorilla Sign Language. Which means truly Koko is smarter than me. On top of this Koko once adopted a kitten, can't make this stuff up.

So for the record, Koko the Gorilla can do the following things that I can't:

  • Play the Bass
  • Adopt a Kitten (I'm allergic)
  • Sign Language

I am working on a video series where my dogs pick weekly NFL games, take that Koko.