Not that we are in are in a highly populated gorilla area, but that's who my money is on in a brawl.

Western lowland gorilla

This is a great conversation over drinks with friends, around the water cooler, or just with random strangers.

In a time where politics, plus crazy (and fake) news stories dominate everything, let's get down to what really matters.

Which land animal is the most kick ass, and which one rules the land?

  1. Elephant
  2. Tiger
  3. Rhinoceros
  4. Hippopotamus
  5. Gorilla
  6.  Crocodile, Saltwater
  7.  Lion
  8.  Bear, Polar
  9.  Buffalo, Cape
  10. Bear, Grizzly

That's the top 10. So you're telling me Polar Bear's are more vicious than Grizzly? You mean the cute little fellas on the Coke commercials are violent? Who knew?

Elephants are huge and powerful, but I'm still taking a gorilla (which comes in at #5) as my champion land animal.


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