So you just talk on the radio for four hours a day, right?

Photo - YouTube
Photo - YouTube

One of my favorite things in the world is trying to explain to people what a day of work around here consists of. Now, no two days are the same for sure so let's start there.

The basic idea is, we all talk on the radio for four or five hours and go home. If that's what people want to think, I'm totally cool with that.  But it really is far from the truth.

We get the chance to be a part of some really fun activities outside of the radio station. Take the video I posted below as a great example.

Double T has been a part of the Rockford IceHogs family for many years. He handles the promotions in game, and does a damn good job. Hockey trivia, human bowing, goalie races, shoot the puck, and "Meat Races". Do you think a young Double T out of college thought to himself, you know what I can't wait to call a "Wiener Race" some day.


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