Jay Cutler is out of here, and leaving his Lake Forrest mansion behind.

Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears
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Former Bears QB Jay Cutler is moving, want to live at his old place?

As a Bears fan I would feel uncomfortable, it's like moving into a place where there was a murder.

The rocket armed, interception thrower is moving back to Nashville with his family and to avoid all of his millions of Chicago fans.

Here are some amazing highlights of his mansion if you are interested in purchasing:

  • 11,000 square-feet
  • 7 bedrooms
  • 8-and-a-half bathrooms
  • In-home movie theater
  • Interception room
  • Exercise room
  • Wine (or Whine) cellar
  • Indoor Chicago Bulls-themed basketball court

If interested, Click Here and have your cash ready.Bear Down!


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