If your dream wedding consists oh nachos and quesadilla's, do I have something for you.

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If you and your significant other are big Taco Bell lovers, boy do I have an idea for you. A Taco Bell wedding, this is a real thing check this out.

According to Married At Taco Bell there will be an amazing option for taco-loving couples. The fast food chain announced that weddings will be performed at the Las Vegas Cantina's chapel.

This cheesy and crunchy wedding idea includes the following:

  • Taco Bell garter and bowtie
  • Sauce packet bouquet
  • “Just Married” t-shirts
  • Taco Bell champagne flutes
  • Taco 12-Pack and a Cinnabon Delights Wedding Cake

What is the asking price for a Taco Bell wedding? Only $600.  I'm really hoping this becomes a thing, and Taco Bell Weddings are available across the country. Could you imagine a Taco Bell wedding on Auburn or what about 11th in Rockford?


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