Get paid to taste test Nutella and other deliciousness all while living in Italy. Where do I sign up?

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Per the article on Ferrero, the company who make Nutella, is currently looking for "sensory judges".

But The Ferrero Company doesn't JUST make Nutella. Nope, you'd be taste testing treats like Tic Tac Mints, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and Kinder candies too.

If you're lucky enough to become one of the 60 candidates, you will then have to relocate to Alba, Italy. That's where the company's headquarters is located.

After you arrive in Italy, candidates go through a 3-month training course that starts in September. This is where you'll be sampling tons of cocoa, white chocolate, and hazelnut treats!  This is so you can learn the taste and smell of the products in an effort to help the company improve on them.

If Ferrero feels you have what it takes after the training course, you will be hired on a long-term contract. The drawback to this is that it's only a part-time job.

You'd be working only two days a week, for only two hours. But you would be in Italy and a taste tester for a chocolate/candy company.

If you're still interested in packing up everything and headed to Europe to become a professional taste tester, email using the reference code ALB01 in the subject line.

If I wasn't already working my dream job, I'd highly consider this. I wonder how fast my family and I could learn Italian?

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