Because the first thing you think about before going to an amusement park is the hopes that you will have to put a lot of work in.

Sometimes I secretly dream about my television being human powered. What I mean by that is instead of just sitting on the couch eating an entire bag of popcorn to myself and being extremely lazy, I could instead hop on the treadmill and power the television with my steps. I think the step count on my FitBit would go up extremely quickly.

One Italian restaurateur, Bruno, had a brilliant idea. 40 years ago, he learned how to weld. He also owned a piece of land next to the restaurant. He thought it would be a great idea to weld together a few things like swings and what not for the kids who visit the restaurant.

It bloomed into a twisted metal death trap for people to flip, spin and slide around in. The all metal-human-powered amusement park was born.

Watch some of these amazing rides he has created. Tom, the gentleman testing out this human death trap, ended up with seven stitches, a black eye and an awesome story.

You couldn't pay me enough to try these out!

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