I like Nutella okay, I guess. I mean, it's fine. Kind of seems like a melted candy bar in a jar, but to each their own, right? Just because I'm not over the moon about Nutella doesn't mean that I don't understand those of you who are. And, believe me, I know you're out there. I live with a couple of Nutella nuts. A couple of Nutella nuts who'll be heading for Chicago very soon.

Why? To celebrate the opening of the world's very first Nutella Cafe. Put May 31st on your calendar if you're crazy about Nutella, because that's the day they'll throw open their doors at the high-traffic corner of Michigan Avenue and Lake Street near Millennium Park (151 N Michigan Avenue), accessible to tourists and locals on their way to work alike.

From the Chicago Tribune:


Walking into the first-ever, brand new Nutella Cafe on Michigan Avenue is like walking into a jar of Nutella itself. The warm, creamy white color of the walls is complemented by the dripping Nutella-colored embellishments on the ceiling, accented by hanging lights in the shape of flowers of the hazelnut plant. Everything in the cafe is inspired by a jar of the chocolate and hazelnut goodness. Red accents evoke the feeling of dipping a spoon into a freshly opened jar, the bright red "Nutella" logo staring at you in the face. "It's designed to make you feel like you're actually walking into a jar of Nutella," said Angela Baird, the director of operations at BIG Retail, who consulted with Ferrero USA, Nutella's parent company on creating the space. "Everything screams 'Nutella.'"


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