Sometimes it's hard to stay out of trouble during the offseason as a former player for the Chicago Blackhawks gets arrested in Arizona.

Their lives are busy during the season, so professional athletes like to let loose and have fun when they have some free time. Unfortunately, sometimes they get themselves in trouble.

According to,

"TMZ Sports has obtained police video showing a drunk Richard Panik getting arrested at an Arizona bar back in April ... and name-dropping his NHL team to try to get out of trouble." 

Here's the video of the incident.

Video: NHL's Richard Panik's Drunken Arrest Video, 'I Play for the Coyotes!' | TMZ Sports

Panik played for the Chicago Blackhawks before being traded to the Arizona Coyotes.

Apparently, he was out celebrating and was a little too intoxicated to be let into a bar. He refused to leave, so they called the police.

Even after letting the officers know several times he played for the Coyotes, they still arrested him.

Don't judge him to harshly, we've all been there.


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