Before it burnt down, video from inside the Forest City Tennis Club.


Think back to the days when the East State Street exit off of I-90 was a booming spot. The ramp dumps right into the parking lot.

Immediately, you were at the Clock Tower Resort which included the hotel, water park, restaurants, bars, shopping, and tennis center all in one stop. It was "THE" place to go for Rockfordians, visitors, or just stoppers by.


Then it all just fell apart. The resort and everything to go along with it closed down. The resort was torn down. For the longest time, the only thing left standing on the property was the water park and tennis club abandon buildings.

Finally Finished

I recently drove by that area and noticed that the rest was finally knocked down. Now, it is just an empty piece of land that is waiting patiently for the Hard Rock Casino, hopefully soon.

Coco Key Waterpark Rockford, Illinois
Coco Key Waterpark Rockford, Illinois

Inside Look

Recently, there was a fire that destroyed the Forest City Tennis Club. Before that happened, someone got access inside and shot was video. Here is what it looked like inside.

Video: Abandoned Forest City Tennis Club Rockford Illinois Urbex

Kind of sad about what happened to the place. I had a couple of fo friends that used to go out there to play and liked the club.

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