Chicago Pizza Place has VHS movie rentals still available.


Do you remember when VCRs and VHS tapes came out? That was a game-changer. Finally, you could watch movies over and over in the comforts of your own home.

Even though we were last in our neighborhood to get a VCR, I could not be happier when we finally did.

In the beginning, there were several "Mom and Pop" type video rental stores open around town. Eventually, the big chains came in and took over the industry.

Each Friday, I looked forward to my mom taking me after school to pick out a couple of movies to watch over the weekend. It was the highlight of the week.

The VHS format had a really good run for many years. DVDs would come in and take over the market. Nowadays, most movie collections are gone. You can find your favorites for a quarter at thrift stores. Anymore, most viewers just use streaming services.

Come Back

Some collectors or entertainment purists have stayed true to form. They still want the physical copies of whatever medium they are consuming. I am not just talking about VHS, you can also include vinyl, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and more.

The return of vinyl has been huge. That crept into other formats too. Collectors are scooping them up cheap to build up their collections.

During the lockdown, people were stuck home and trying to find ways to entertain themselves. After spending hours streaming "Tiger King," they decided they wanted something different and nostalgic.

The next thing you know, used record stores were building internet stores, and fans were buying up everything they could. They were picking up old players too.

Many people recreated their old school set-ups featuring turntables, VCRs, cassette decks, and more.

Where To Get Them

Of course, you can purchase VHS tapes at any local thrift shop cheaply. Maybe, you like using a VHS but do not have the collection or want to spend the cash on them. Unfortunately, there are not any businesses available anymore for VHS rentals.

Well, maybe there is.

Modern Day VHS Rental Store

According to,

'If you've walked by Borelli's Pizzeria in Ravenswood anytime during the past week or so, you might have noticed a new hand-painted sign tucked above the building's side entrance on Hamilton Avenue."


"Step inside after 8 pm on a weekend and you'll find director Joe Swanberg (of Easy and Drinking Buddies fame) offering his roughly 275-volume VHS collection for rental—plus movie screenings, pizzas, and a beer or two if you decide to stick around."


"Swanberg, who worked at Hollywood Video as a teen, approached the pizza restaurant around a month and a half ago about the prospect of setting up an after-hours VHS video store in the backroom, establishing a throwback spot where people could snag VHS tapes and a pizza in one fell swoop."

I think this is a great idea. If I lived near this store, I would definitely check it out. In fact, it would go over well in Rockford.

When was the last time you watched a movie on a VCR and what was the VHS?

For more info about Borelli's Pizza, HERE.

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