We've heard of playgrounds for children, but a playground for grownups?  Now you've got me interested!

Remember elementary school when you'd go out for recess and you got to choose from the swings, the slides, and the monkey bars? Obviously that's not something you do every day as an adult now, but there is an alternative to having fun during adulthood... and it 100% does NOT involve children.  *Excitedly screaming*

I found this really cool rooftop playground in Chicago that looks like everything I've ever wanted in my bedroom as a kid - minus the alcohol.


Utopian Tailgate is Chicago's newest never-ending rooftop partyscape. Dreamy décor and interactive fun and games greet you at our 300-person 10,000-square-foot, indoor/outdoor never-ending tailgate.

Utopian Tailgate is probably the coolest place I've seen to party for Memorial Day weekend. They have life sized Connect 4, giant Jenga, and so many games for small and large groups to take part in!

A place for friends, wanderers, and adventurers. May you have a drink in your hand and a song in your heart. - Utopian Tailgate

They have giant tire swings to keep you movin' while you drink your way through a fun night full of laughter with friends.

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Also, that view is INCREDIBLE!  The photos you could snap for Instagram are going to looking amazing from this rooftop.

Don't worry, they'll have drinks and food for everybody in your party!  You have endless choices, so why not let the bartender surprise you while taking in the view?!

Tailgate delivers high times, chill vibes, and an unforgettable experience where the party never ends...and neither do the views. - Utopian Tailgate

Yummmmm!  Add to your night with a sugar overload... or checkout their full menu!

When you thought it couldn't get any better, Utopian Tailgate has a disco dance party inside so you can dance the night away with great vibes all around.

And if you just want to relax at a table and people watch, you can do that too!  That's my favorite thing to do in a crowded, public place.  Get there early so you can find a cool spot to chillax at.

Remember, this rooftop playground is for grownups 21+ only and you might wanna make a reservation with how popular this place is.  Utopian Tailgate is open Monday-Thursday 4pm-12am, Friday 12pm-1am, Saturday 11am-2am, and Sunday 11am-10pm.  It's a party every day! They're located at 1608 N Wells, Chicago, IL 60614.

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