Next time you go fishing in Rockford, try using chicken nuggets for bait.

Do you enjoy fishing? I know there are a lot people in Rockford that do. We have many great places to do it.

According to, here are some places to go fishing in Rockford.

  • Rock River
  • Levings Lake
  • Kishwaukee River
  • Pierce Lake
  • Plus, many other great spots

When I was a kid, my family lived across the street from a pond. My friends and I would go fishing there all the time during the summer. We wouldn't catch a lot of fish, but we still had fun.


My favorite part was trying different things as bait. Here are some of the items we tried.

  • Cheese
  • Hot Dogs
  • Worms
  • Dough 

According to,

"Texas Couple Catches Record-Breaking Bass with a McDonald’s Chicken Nugget"

I've never thought about using a chicken nugget for bait, but trust me the next time I go fishing I'm be stopping off at McDonald's for a 12 piece. You know those catfish in the Rock River will be all over that.

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