I woke up and looked at the weather this morning, although I didn't really need to. What I saw last night was all I needed to know!

While making my way home, I stopped at Love's for an energy drink and a piece of carrot cake. (editors note: Carrot Cake is gross, but my wife loves it)

I had already left the establishment when I watched this MASSIVE vessel being hauled by a pick up truck, come off the highway. So yes, I did the illegal U turn just to get these photos and figure out what is the two by two is going on!

Here I am directly behind Noah's Ark, and yes...it was an oversized load. This thing was huge! I mean, that's a lot of animals to haul as the story goes.


Today's forecast calls for rain ALL DAY LONG...Hour by hour, more rain in the forecast WHICH can lead to what? Flooding.


Besides this pick up truck needing fuel and LOTS of it...Gas prices, am I right? Where exactly was this truck/ark going? There has to be a reason that this massive structure was in Northern Illinois, right? What does this guy know that we don't know?


With an 80% chance of rain today, what is it exactly that the weatherman isn't telling us? The forecast for Thursday doesn't seem too bad, but wait...


Make sure your car windows are closed, you bring an umbrella, and you know where your pets are. This apparently could get ugly.



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