Penny Feucht of Racine, Wi was out for a Oklahoma. Huh, wait, what? Maybe she took a wrong turn in Mukwonago? Anyway, Penny for your'am. What were you thinking? FOX6NOW

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Penny Feucht was driving in Oklahoma, when an officer pulled her over. She was driving with expired plate, so the lights were turned on and she's pulled over. When the officer pulled her over there was a "strong odor coming from the car." Not b.o., not a combo of Baby Swiss and fresh Cheddar from Racine, Wi....It was weed and lots of it.

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Penny had duffle bags and suitcases full of weed. How did they find it? They called in the K-9 for an easy vehicle search. After the dog searched the car, exactly 105 pounds of pot was found. That isn't a "personal" use amount and the article states that she was not in possession of a "valid medical marijuana card," so it's nothing but handcuffs for you Penny. So wait, if she would have had a valid medical marijuana card...then what? 105lbs of weed AND that type of I.D. means, what? Oh, the same.


What are you doing in Oklahoma anyway? The law in Oklahoma is that you can LEGALLY have eight ounces. Pretty sure you had a bit more than that, ma'am.

Well, enjoy your time in Oklahoma, Penny. I'm pretty sur you won't be back for a while.


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