Urgent Update About Taco Truck In Illinois

I have received word that this taco truck is not for sale.

I am not sure if someone was pulling a prank with this post on Facebook Marketplace but the owner is not selling.

Tacos Are The Best

I do not know about you but tacos are definitely one of my favorite foods. They are in regular rotation in my house.

Honestly, I could eat them just about every day without getting sick of them.

I always enjoy going out and finding a new taco joint to check out.

Some of my favorites come from food trucks.

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Food Trucks Are Very Popular

Have you notice that food trucks are a big thing, especially in and around Rockford. They have come a long way through the years.

Now, you can find them all over the place and just about any day of the week. It is not just carnival food anymore. You can order all kinds of tasty dishes.

Of course, I always seek out the taco stands. I think they are a perfect fit for the whole food truck world.

Video: How to Start a Food Truck Business the 12 DONT'S or your OUT of BUSINESS

Buy Your Very Own Taco Food Truck

If you have thought about getting into the food truck world, I believe tacos are a good place to start. Most people like them and it is a pretty simple dish to make.

One of the more difficult tasks when starting up your own food truck business is setting up your own vehicle.

You really can not go to a car dealer and order one up. It is really a costly custom job.

What if I told you that a complete setup taco food truck is up for sale in the Rockford area.

Just An Idea

Okay, so maybe you are not in the market for a taco truck business. Well, I have another idea.

You know how some people set up theme-type rooms in their house. For example, a friend of mine has a 50's diner in his basement.

How about a taco truck for your backyard? You would have the coolest place to hang out on the block.

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