Haunted Houses don't scare me, per se. Want to know what does? ACTUAL haunted buildings.

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Recently, I DJ'd a wedding reception inside this building in Freeport, Illinois, Masonic Events Center. Upon arrival, the marquee on the corner read, "Ghost Tours" and then a phone number.

The building was empty except for a man in an old shirt/pant combo, wearing an apron, who let me in the back and then disappeared. Literally, I didn't see him the rest of the time I was there.


Having a few minutes of downtime, I did some googling of the building and the "haunted" aspect. Yup, lost of stories of reported paranormal activities. (Yay.)

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Some might agree, the only thing worse than a building with paranormal activity is a haunted house set inside a place with paranormal activity.

This is the exact scenario for an old school in Herrin, Illinois

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"I still can’t explain some of the things I’ve seen."

One of the actors from Chittyville Haunted House shared his thoughts on the building's allegedly being haunted for real.

In the Facebook post, he said there are many fabricated stories but there are also real accounts of paranormal activity, one specifically he witnessed firsthand.

I took a scared friend of mine through during off-time last year to show him there was nothing to be scared of… motion sensors started going off with no explanations and footsteps came from rooms that no one was in.


He went further and spoke of a spirit who, apparently, responds to the name Lucy. He explained other workers of the haunted house would jokingly yell "Lucy!" That is until many of them experienced mysterious scratches and bruises.

If one chose to follow the girl, she would disappear into a corner with no exits (including known trap doors).

The sounds of children laughing and running through the building have happened repeatedly reported. Props in the haunted house would have "spooky errors" or move without explanation.

I sometimes tell friends of mine that the actors are more scared of the school than the customers are. They laugh it off and think I’m joking; I’m not.

Chittyville Haunted House also has escape rooms. It's a hard no for me but if you're interested you can learn more here.


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