Could you imagine leaving your house and car unlocked everyday, not having to worry about any sort of crime? Here's a list of the Top 10 Safest Cities in Illinois! HomeSnacksJr

There was a time when I was growing up not too far from here...Car doors weren't always locked. The front door to the house had a screen door in the summer, never locked...Kids would play outside until the street lights came on, and then walked of biked home.

Those days are long gone. Everything had a security code, a pin code, locked and bolted...Oh and that whole "kids playing outside until the streetlights come on..." No chance in 2023. The times have changed and safety and security is a number one concern for all.

Here's a list of places in Illinois that ARE safe. The crime rate is low, including violent and property crimes. Let's see what's safe around these parts:

  • 10. Campton Hills
  • 9. Lincolnshire
  • 8. Manhattan
  • 7. Waterloo
  • 6. Lindenhurst
  • 5. Homer Glen
  • 4. Gilberts
  • 3. Channahon 
  • 2. Hawthorn Woods
  • 1. Western Springs


These are the safest places you can live in the state of Illinois. These where figured out using FBI crime numbers. I've heard of some but not all, I guess I like to live on the edge.

What does the "message board" part of YouTube thing about this?

I love how the way he only put the north cities you forgot some like O’Fallon Illinois Fairview Heights Bellivielle Collinsville those are some nice and beautiful cities and historic downtowns
Arlington heights is a great place to live with a great school district and nice people
I live in Wheaton and it’s pretty safe out here!

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