Let me start by saying, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Actually, STAY HOME if you are going to do this. This dude is a serious beer drinking professional, seriously he is. BlockClubChicago

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Bar owner Patrick Berger stopped eating food, and drank ONLY BEER because the 17th century Paulaner Monks did it.


“I’ve known about the beer fast for 20-plus years. I’ve always been fascinated by it and thought, ‘oh that would be great, I’d love to try that someday,'” - Patrick Berger

There was a man form Ohio that did this, and he learned from this non food eating individual to perfect his beer drinking fast. Del Hall, a director of sales for "50 West Brewing" in Cincinnati, Ohio lost 44 pounds in 46 days...just drinking beer. Wow!

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One of the biggest things, drinking water. Consume about a gallon per day according to Mr. Hall.

What about Patrick, and his "support staff," his wife. What does she think about this?

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After breaking it down, and figuring out that even though HE'S DRINKING BEER ALL DAY AND NIGHT...he's “not drunk all the time” she supported this journey.

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What about his doctor, maybe just maybe the doc could supply some helpful hints?

“I did not tell my doctor."

I can't imagine a doctor that would agree with this!

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In the end did this mess with his body, yes. Did he probably do some internal damage...sure. He did lose around 20lbs...I'm sure the doctor would NOT approve this method.

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