Det. Paul Miranda was one of several Riverside Police Officers working undercover Thursday at the Target in Canyon Springs Shopping Center.

"We worked inside the store, identified shoplifters and when they split the scene, Santa was there to take them into custody," Miranda said.

Santa, who is a detective, and his trusty sidekick elf, another officer. Both jumped into action when another officer spotted a car being stolen from the parking lot as two other men ran from the scene.

One elf cornered a very confused suspect, and held him like gunpoint.

Miranda, who was filming, said "When I looked over my shoulder I saw Santa running by me going after the second subject."

Santa ran down to assist two other officers, tackling the suspect they were attempting to apprehend.

The driver of the car got away, but detectives say they know who he is, and he'll be taken care of soon.

As for the other two, "They were apologetic and Santa is currently deciding whether they stay on the naughty list," Miranda said.

Three other shoplifters were caught by police with Santa and his elf's help, but none were as mentionable as this.

Read more at NBC 4 - Los Angeles

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