Not everyone is going to be able to be with the ones they love this holiday season, so why not send the next best thing a cardboard cut out of yourself!

Jose Cuervo wants to help send you home for the holidays with a Doppel Drinker.

I think this is a pretty cool idea and best of all it's free to enter, for those 21 and older. You can get yourself entered to win now at

A cardboard version of yourself is a great way for those you care about to have fun with you even if you're not physically there. I speak from personal experience on this one.

One summer a friend couldn't make it home for her annual summer trip and her dad was pretty bummed. So another friend made a cardboard version of her and we had a blast taking photos with it. Her Dad loved it so much he kept it and it's still in his living room.

Steph - TSM Rockford
Steph - TSM Rockford
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