If you win $10,000 from the Ultimate Stimulus Check contest, you can purchase a lot of Sock Monkeys.

The Ultimate Stimulus Check is going on right now on 96.7 The Eagle. You have the opportunity to win up to $10,000. If you're not exactly sure how it works, details available HERE.

Now comes the weekly question I have to ask myself. If I won $10,000 how would I spend it? In real life, I would definitely use it on necessities like bills. Since this is for entertainment, then there's no way I using it sensibly.

Even in this land of "make-believe," I would still like to keep the money and fun in our community. This week, I'm going to be using the cash on sock monkeys. What's more Rockford than that?

If you're not familiar with the sock monkey connection to Rockford, well, check this information out that's the midwayvillage.com,

"The Sock Monkey Doll is an important part of Rockford’s history. In 1880, the Nelson Knitting Company was incorporated and John Nelson, a Swedish immigrant, invented the seamless sock knitting machine. It was these socks that were used to make the sock monkey dolls."

I don't have enough spare time to make $10,000 worth of sock monkeys. I'm just going to buy them. Since it's a Rockford thing, it only makes sense to pick them up in town. After doing a little research, I found them available through the Midway Village gift shop. That would help that great local attraction too.

The Midway Village gift shop website has them listed as $26.99. Here comes the fancy math part of this story. I'm going to round up to $30 for taxes. $10,000 / 30 = 333 (rounded down).

I will also use this moment to use my power for good. I'll donate them to local organizations to give to less fortunate children in the Rockford area for Christmas.

That's a lot of kids getting a sock monkey from Rockford under the tree.

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