The United Center arena in Chicago could be starting a new trend with their Uber Zone.

If you've been to a major concert, game, or event recently, you may have noticed a lot of people hanging outside afterward acting kind of lost. They keep looking down at their phone and then all around looking for something.

If you haven't figured it out, most of those folks are waiting for an Uber. It's good thinking, especially, if you're going to party. The only problem I've noticed is that it's kind of like a free-for-all. Unlike buses, taxis, and etc, there's no designated Uber pick-up location.

Well, until now. Check out what the United Center in Chicago has started. It won't be long before it's everywhere.

According to,

"A new permanent structure for Uber riders waiting for rides has been installed outside of the United Center. The new “Uber Zone” replaces typical curbside pick-up and drop-offs at the arena. “Uber Zone” is the rideshare company’s first permanent structure built at a sports arena. It’s located steps away from the arena’s main gates. The waiting lounge is designed to accommodate 1,000 people and is equipped with seating, digital screens, music and charging stations."

Here's how it works...

  • Using the Uber app, fans attending an event at the United Center will request an Uber ride.
  • Guests will then head to the new Uber Zone.
  • Upon arrival, fans will show the Uber attendant the lane number their driver is in.
  • Fans will be shown to the location where their Uber vehicle is located and will begin their next journey.

This looks like a great idea.

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