After a months-long investigation into the illegal sex trade, two Rockford businesses have been shut down.

The Rockford Police Department said that over the past several months they have received multiple complaints in regards to illegal commercial sex trade at both Chantilly Lace, 106 7th St., and Exclusive Lingerie Boutique, 77 7th St.

Once officers obtained a warrant, both businesses were raided Thursday afternoon.

Several adult female employees were detained by investigators and questions police said. As of right now, no one has been charged with a crime, but this is an on-going investigation. So once the investigation is complete, charges will be filed if appropriate, per investigators.

Even if no one was arrested during Thursday's raid, code violations were found at both businesses and that's what led to both being forced to close their doors.

In a statement, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said:

The City takes an allegation of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation seriously and will investigate to the full extent of the law utilizing all tools available to the City,”

Mayor McNamara continued:

“We have received numerous allegations on these two businesses, which resulted in the action taken today. If you are going to come to Rockford to purchase illegal sexual conduct, it will not be tolerated.”

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