Do you want to stand out on your block this year for Halloween? Then check out these simple tips.

Every block has one. It's the house that goes all out to decorate for holidays. Is that you or are you just another plain jane that does nothing?

Halloween has become one of the biggest holidays to do an awesome yard display. It's just a few days away, but it's not too late.

Without spending a ton of money and having to do a lot of work, you can have one of the cool houses on your street. The place kids want to go trick or treating, not the one they skip.

Here are some tips from,

  • Gravestones - You can have some fun with this one. Make some for your friends and family. Maybe a neighbor you don't get along with.
  • Spiderwebs - Spiders scare people and when they see the web it freaks them out.
  • Scarecrow - Personally, my favorite. My friends and I had one named Cecil when I was in high school.
  • Candles - Something about a bunch of lighted candles in the dark is very spooky.
  • Glowing objects - Same sort effect as the candles.
  • Skulls / skeletons - Classic Halloween. Add some fake blood.
  • Jack-o'-lanterns - So many different ways they can be done. Allows for lots of creativity.
  • Scary soundtrack - Download some Halloween sound effects and crank it on your stereo.
  • Power tools - The sound of power tools on Halloween will make even a brave person run.
  • Strobe light - Will make you disoriented and easier to scare.

Video: Haunt Your House

I hope this helps you get your house ready for a great Halloween.


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