For Thanksgiving, turkey is not as popular anymore.

In my world, Thanksgiving dinner means turkey and all the trimmings.

One of my friends serves ham on Thanksgiving. Another offers steak to his guests.

It just bothers me.

Well, I guess times are changing.

According to,

"Are Americans “drying out” on turkey for Thanksgiving? A new study shows that 65 percent of Americans would like an alternative to turkey on the table this year."

That means the majority want to break tradition.

Omaha Steaks conducted a "Thanksgiving" survey for 2,000 Americans.

Here's what they found.

  • 65% want an alternative to turkey
  • 44% will serve a new main course this year
  • Most popular substitutes
    • 60% ham
    • 41% chicken
    • 37% roast beef
  • 64% meal goes as planned
  • 41% still hungry after
  • 26% ruined the turkey
  • 26% not enough seats
  • 23% forgot cranberry sauce
  • 43% didn't like meal
  • 22% spilled dish
  • 41% all dished weren't finished at same time

Will you be having turkey on Thanksgiving?

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