In case you weren't going to get enough turkey this Thanksgiving season, Pringles is stepping in to give you a solution.

Roasted Turkey flavored Pringles are here to save the day. If you remember, up until now the flavor was only available in the Thanksgiving Dinner Kit. The cans of the juicy meat flavored chips are in stock at grocery stores nationwide now.

Additionally, to celebrate Thanksgiving mishaps, they're giving out "Turkey Insurance," and if you cash in, they will send you a brand new Turkey (can of flavored Pringles).

Here's how to get yours, but the offer is only valid on the day before Thanksgiving:

  • Live in Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles
  • Tweet your past or currently happening Thanksgiving horror story
  • Use the hashtags #Pringles and #TurkeyInsuranceEntry

If you win, you'll receive a hand delivered can of the Pringles, and FIVE lucky winners will get a "golden roasted prop turkey."

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