Al Pitrelli, Music Director and Guitar Player, from Trans Siberian Orchestra discusses this year's incredible Christmas show coming to Chicago.

My family and I have some holiday traditions. Things like putting up our Christmas during Thanksgiving weekend, watching Christmas Vacation, and going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra.

If you've never been to a TSO show, I'll try to describe for you. Take all the best rock shows you've ever been to, then mix it in a pot, multiply it by ten, and light it on fire. That's how cool of a show they put on.

Once again, they are coming to Chicago for two shows at the Allstate Arena on December 28th at 3pm and 8pm.

Do yourself a favor and grab the family to check out this incredible live performance. Make it part of your family's Christmas tradition.

I got the chance to talk to Al Pitrelli. He's the Music Director and plays guitar for the band. He is also one of the original members.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Al.

Video: Trans Siberian Orchestra Music Director and Guitar Player Al Pitrelli

I originally met him when he was a member of Megadeth and they played a show at the Midway Theater in downtown Rockford. In the past, TSO has done shows at the Coronado Performing Arts Center for their spring tour.

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