A photographic looking into my honeymoon. (Sounds scandalous!)

So many of you have called to ask how my wedding and honeymoon were and I truly appreciate all of your well wishes. The wedding was everything I could have every hoped it to be and then some. My sweetie and I had a fantastic time on our honeymoon and a tiny part of me wished it would have lasted forever.

We traveled around Florida during our honeymoon, then at one point... traveled around the world. Yes, Walt Disney World to be exact. Our favorite place to visit is Epcot. Why? Well the answer is simple, to drink around the world. That's exactly what we did.

We started in the first country showcase at Mexico. The Jalapeno Margarita was the most amazingly spicy thing I have ever had. It was awesome.

Jalapeño Margarita and Dos Equis in Mexico!

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Then we had a delicious Winter White Ale in Norway.

Winter White Ale in Norway

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Then Tsing Tao in China.

Tsing Tao in China!

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We then took a break, had dinner and Saki in Japan.

Saki in Japan

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After we rallied, we went to Germany. This was our favorite place to visit. The food is so delicious that my mouth is watering thinking about it. The beer... even better! I wish I had the chance to visit the real life Germany! You have the chance. (More on that later, on the bottom of the post.)

Altenmunster Oktoberfest in Germany

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Now we are in Italy. Sweetie had beer and I had all the bubbles a girl could ask for.

Double fisting procecco and moscato while Ryan drinks LaRosa in Italy

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Morocco may have had the best beer out of any country there, besides Germany obviously.

Mythos and Efes in Morocco

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France was fun... and a bit blurry.

Moët Chandon rose in France

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Then we went to the United Kingdom and had a fantastic time listening to The Who and The Beatles.

Boddingtons and Stella in The UK

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I know what you die hard Disney-goers are thinking. Where is America and Canada? Well, we didn't drink there. After all we were IN America when we were in Disney, and Canada... well it's Canada.

Now back to Germany. You can go there. We will even pay for it. Plus we will set you up with concert festival tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra! How cool is that! Just enter to win!

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