With the threat of severe weather coming today, it reminded me of the time a tornado knocked WIFR off the air in May of 2011.

I was in a tornado once. I think? When I was in high school I was on the pom-pon squad. We would do a summer camp to learn new routines, skills and combinations from the help of professional dancers. It was a time full of sore muscles, carbohydrates and shennanigans by the dorms full of teenage girls.

One night, I remember wrapping doors in cellophane and duck tape so the girls couldn't run through the doors. Ah... we were such pranksters. One night, the tornado sirens went off and I slept through the entire thing. Eek!

On May 22, 2011 a tornado came through in Rockford. From the videos description it explains:

This is from the same storm system that produced the devastating Joplin tornado that same evening. As the storm approaches the station west of Rockford, north of Winnebago, a blackout knocks us off the air for a while while the generator fires and the equipment reboots... then the meteorologists shove us into the basement and do dramatic play-by-play as the storm passes over the station.


Wow! How scary must that have been!

Today's forecast looks a bit dramatic as well. Could it produce a tornado? Possibly.

Currently, predictions according to WIFRnearly all of Illinois is at risk of large hail, damaging winds, heavy rain and possibly tornadoes. The highest threat will be late afternoon and early evening.

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