Since the weather looks like it'll be relatively nice now through the weekend, golf could be in your future. But maybe not the type of golf your thinking of. Did you know there are several parks in our area that offer disc or Frisbee golf? And according to, they all score really high in terms of being good courses. Out of the ones I saw, none received a grade lower than a B. I prefer disc golf to regular golf. No clubs required, just a disc. Plus it mixes trail walking with a sport that's usually free to play. Here's a list of some of the top parks in our backyard.

  • Anna Page Park - It's usually the first one that comes to mind when you want to go disc golfing in Rockford. With 3 courses, it's considered be players to be one of the nicest courses in the Midwest.
  • Rockford College - This smaller 18 hole course has several positive online reviews. One person said they liked multiple pin positions awesome pads, great baskets, and good hole designs.
  • Porter Park - Located in Roscoe, this is a good park for anyone new to the game.
  • Woodlands - Located in Rockton, this a more challenging and difficult course. So if you're a more experienced player looking for a challenge might I suggest this one.
  • Krape Park - In Freeport, this was the other park that had a lot of positive online reviews. People said they enjoyed the fairways at this course. Others like the great mix of tight shots and obstacles.

Where I've included only five courses here, there are a ton more here in our area. Including one in Mt. Carroll and multiple courses in Southern Wisconsin. Don't have a disc or need a new one? You can purchase one locally at Toad Hall. So pick a course, grab a disc, some friends, and go have some outdoor fun. You know before the weather doesn't allow you too!

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