Every holiday has or needs a soundtrack of some type and there is no better day than Halloween to pull out the specialty tunes. They can be spooky, funny and macabre all at the same time. Here are my Top 10 songs that must be played on All Hallow's Eve.

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    Grateful Dead "Friend of the Devil"

    We ease into the list with the oldest folk tale of all. Hanging with the Devil always comes with a huge price. A great Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter modern folk song. The band dramatically slowed it down later in concert.

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    Charlie Daniels Band "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

    The Devil went down to Georgia but he left with his tail tucked between his weird little goat legs, didn't he?

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    AC/DC "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be"

    The Thunder from Down Under have flirted with the dark side on many a tune. There was even the rumor that the band's name was an acronym for After Christ/Devil Comes. In reality, they are just one of the best blues-based rock bands in history.

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    Rory Gallagher "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"

    It's not all about the dark side on Halloween. The mystery of powers we can't understand and the people who possess them also make some squirm. This story has been retold many times. Here is another take written and performed by the late great Rory Gallagher, the finest of all of the rock/blues guitarists in my humble opinion.

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    Jimi Hendrix "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"

    Few people understand voodoo and those who don't, fear it the most. Plus, Jimi is just plain possessed in this performance from 1969 with the Experience.

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    Alice Cooper "Welcome to My Nightmare"

    It's Alice Cooper. Period. This guy haunts Freddie Krueger's nightmares. Check out the groovy music video for this song from 1975.

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    The Who "Boris the Spider"

    When John Entwistle took the lead during a Who show, it was always good in my book. John wrote one of my favorite novelty songs ever about this eight-legged creature named Boris. Perhaps the best part of this clip is Keith Moon booing and throwing stuff at his bass playing buddy as Pete Townshend introduces John and the song.

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    Iron Maiden "The Number of the Beast"

    Iron Maiden's album covers all scream Halloween. Their mascot Eddie is pretty damn sinister and seems happy about it. Bonus for this song is that the king of the horror movies, Vincent Price supplies the creepy introduction.

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    Fleetwood Mac "The Green Manalishi (with the Two Pronged Crown)"

    The original line-up of the Mac was a much different and tougher beast than the group that is most often associated with their cool '70s California cool vibe. This was a British blues band that was respected by the best groups of the the late '60s too. Guitarist Peter Green famously left the band as they were gaining major success in 1970, the same year this song was released. Green has maintained the subject was money and the evils it came to represent to him. The last part of the song is a sonic descent into madness.

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    Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath"

    As a kid, I would have great arguments with my grandmother about music. She hated rock and I got it, but I was young and looking to agitate. Everybody was evil to her. I even argued that The Eagles were not devil worshippers (though I'm sure about that Timothy B. Schmidt). However, I had to concur to her on this song. It really is pure evil. Well played Grandma Irene, well played.