For some homeowners, spooky season is year-round.

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Personally, I believe ghosts exist. However, I don't think they exist in a "scare you in the middle of the night" kind of way. I just think that souls do not die. Energy exists forever. Ghosts, spirits, angels, whatever you call it, I really do believe our loved ones and friends don't leave when they pass.

But for some people, they don't have such nice ghost encounters. Some people experience some pretty crazy stuff. The other day was "National Supernatural Day". So we asked on Facebook and Instagram about your ghost stories.

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You did not disappoint with your responses!

Also, is it just me or are stories that involve little kids way creepier but also way more believable? It's been said that since kids' minds are so fresh and unchanged by the world around them, they are actually able to interact with spirits easier. Just saying.

So, let's take a look at some real life ghost stories told by Illinois residents.

6 Eerie Ghost Stories Told by Illinois Residents That Will Give You Chills

These stories will have you looking around every corner.

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