In Illinois, the top five places to cut down your own Christmas tree.

Family Christmas Tradition As A Child

When I was growing my family had many traditions when it came to holidays, especially for Christmas. One of my favorites as a kid was cutting down our own Christmas tree to display in our house. First of all, I am a huge fan of real trees. Unfortunately, I can not do it anymore because we have a pet cat and they are not good for them.


Each year right after Thanksgiving, we would drive out to a tree farm. We would search through the property looking for the perfect one. Once we found it, my dad would cut it down with his saw and then strap it to the roof of his car. It was usually cold, so on the way home, we would stop for hot chocolate.


If You Are Going Real Tree Then Do It Yourself

I have nothing against local tree lots. We bought trees from them a couple of years when we could not get out to the farm. I just thought if you are going to do something, then go all out. If you are going with a real tree, then get the whole experience by cutting it down yourself.


Top 5 Places In Illinois To Cut Down Your Own Tree

Well, getting started might be a little difficult because you might not know exactly where to go. I decided I would give you a helping hand with a few suggestions. They are not very far from Rockford either.

1. Nature's Best Christmas Tree Farm in Poplar Grove

2. Pioneer Christmas Tree Farm in McHenry

3. Grandpa's Christmas Tree Farm in Woodstock

4. Camelot Christmas Tree Farm in DeKalb

5. Ben's Christmas Tree Farm in Havard

Good luck finding your Christmas tree.

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