Fireworks are illegal in Illinois...o.k. let's continue.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

As a kid I thought "snakes" and "smoke bombs" were to coolest things! Then I graduated to Bottle Rockets and Black Cat Firecrackers. Now, I just wanna sit back and make sure my dogs aren't freaking out.

Again, fireworks are illegal in Illinois.

  • 10. Sparklers - Simple and sorta harmless
  • 9.TNT Poppers - Still love these
  • 8. Artillery Shells - Flashy and cheap
  • 7. Roman Candles - Shoot ONLY into the sky, trust me
  • 6. Parachutes - Complete with action figure
  • 5. 16-Shot Cakes - This is a little specific, but I dig them
  • 4. Bees - Always loves the sound
  • 3. Bottle Rockets - Now we are talking
  • 2. M-80's - Growing up, my friend Todd's dad always had these...scary loud.
  • 1. Snakes - Stain the sidewalk, make a huge mess and enjoy.


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