If you are worried about your home in Rockford getting broken into, here are some tips to help keep it safe.

I have heard all the reports. There is a crime problem in Rockford.

That doesn't mean I have to be a victim.

There are things I can do around my house to keep it safe.

My goal is to discourage criminals from targeting my house as a potential payday.

If I do a few simple things, the bad guys will think trying to break into my home would be a hassle. Then they could move on to somewhere else.

If you need some help, check this out from msn.com.

"Ways You're Accidentally Inviting Burglars Indoors."

  • "A Dark Home- I always make sure I have lights on both inside and outside my house. I doesn't matter if I'm there or not. Criminals don't like to work in the light. Plus, if they think I'm home, there's a good chance they will move on to the next place.
  • "An Empty Driveway- It's a lot like having lights on. Having a car in your driveway gives the impression that somebody is home. This a good for when you are going out of town. I don't usually follow this tip because I leave my car in my garage. That way it doesn't get broken into.
  • "Unlocked Windows And Open Drapes- If you leave your windows unlocked, you are just asking someone to steal from you. Might as well put a sign that says "Free Stuff." Make sure to open the drapes too, so they can do some window shopping to see what valuables you have.
  • "Overgrown Land And Landscape- Everybody in the neighborhood might know you as the guy that doesn't cut his lawn often enough, but to a would-be burglar that's a sign nobody has been around this house for awhile so I should rob it.
  • "Oversharing On Social Media- This still amazes me. My friend is out of town and he starts posting pictures of him and his family hanging out at the beach. What he doesn't realize is he just told thousands of people he doesn't really know very well, I'm not home please come steal from me. I always like to wait until I get back from a trip to post stuff.
  • "Making Clear You're On Vacation" - Let that nosey neighbor know you will be gone. Trust me, they will keep an eye on your house. Also, it never hurts to have a friend stop by to check on things.
  • "An Open Or Unlocked Garage" - I never keep my garage open or unlocked. Again, you're just asking someone to take your things. You want to make sure especially if you have an attached one.
  • "Unlocked Storage Sheds And Outbuildings- It's a pretty simple rule. Anything you want to keep people out of, just keep locked. Even if it's in your backyard. People can easily wander back there.
  • "Hidden Spare Key- This is hard to avoid if you have kids. I use to forget my key all the time, so my parents had one hidden outside our house. That way I wouldn't be locked out. Unfortunately, if the wrong person finds it, you're going to lose a bunch of nice things.
  • "Expensive Items On DisplayIf nobody sees what you have, then they don't see anything to take. When you get a really nice new TV, don't just throw the box on the curb for everyone to check out. It's like putting a sign that says "Free To A Good Home." If your kid leaves their new bike sitting in the front yard unattended, then it will soon be somebody else's bike.
  • "Lack Of Home Security" - It's always an added bonus to have a home security system. If you can't afford one, you can make it look like you do. Hang up some signs. You can even buy a fake camera.

You can protect yourself, your family, and your valuables by doing these simple little things.


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