Getting ready for your holiday family photo? Here are some tips for taking the perfect one.

It seems simple. Your family does it every year, but you just can't seem to get it right. It's taking a nice family portrait for the holidays.

Well, that can change this year with a little help.

"Tips For A Picture-Perfect Holiday Photo"  

  • Outfits - It's okay to coordinate them to make sure they go together, but please no matching.
  • Involve the kids - Ask your kids be a part of the planning. If they don't like the idea, you're not going to get a good picture.
  • Setting - You want it to be fun but also fits the situation. Goes hand-in-hand with the outfits.
  • Don't judge - Let the photographer do their job. Don't be a dictator. Just relax and enjoy the moment.
  • No "Cheese" - Don't say cheese before taking the photo. It will give you a weird looking face in the picture.
  • Take lots of pictures - Once you're done, you can't make more. So, take many photos. It will give you more options.

I hope this helps you take a great portrait this holiday season.


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