I met up with Rockford's Top 3 Favorite Guitar Players, at The Coronado P.A.C.

rick nielson make Out Seat Now at the Coronado_chair_Via_Coronado_Theate
Coronado Performing Arts Center via rrstar.com


I sent out the message to our "Top 3", you guys are going to play the Coronado Performing Arts Center. Not a bad little gem to add to your rock and roll resume.

So here is what happened, I met the "Top 3 Favorite Rockford Guitar Players" downtown at The Coronado. I wanted all of them together at the same time for this for a few reasons. One of the big ones being, this is a celebration of local music. Sure it's a "competition" but what an awesome way to celebrate the amazing talent in this town.

So here were the rules for our Coronado "Jam Session":

  • ROCK, paper, scissors to see who goes first
  • Original Material Only
  • 60 Seconds
  • Their Guitar
  • Their Amp
  • Their Gear

Three completely different styles of guitar playing. No egos, everyone got along and the entire night was a blast. Thanks to Dee, Lucas, and Pool...enjoy everyone!


Here is the video:




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