The New Tweeter World Bank Amphitheater has changed it's name again.

I grew up not far from The World Music Theater. I actually had a friend that lived quite close to there and if you sat in her backyard and the wind was blowing the right way, you could hear the show.

Tinley Park Concert Venue Changes Name Again...
Rolf Brenner, Thinkstock

I went to my first show at The World Music Theater. It was quite the lineup including Beck, Bush, Erasure and Jamiroquai. I worked backstage with a tour manager friend of mine at The World for many shows. The World was where I taught Papa Roach ballet. The World was where I danced around with my friend Lisa to a Phish show because we were too young to understand all the hippies in the audience were all on drugs and that's how they got their crazy dance moves. The World was where I ran into Willie Nelson. I literally ran into Willie Nelson and I almost fell over. The World was where my friends and I walked all the way to the top of the hill and watched the crowd go crazy during a Tom Petty concert.

You see, The World was the place I learned most about music. Where I met my first celebrity. Where I felt at home.

Soon, The World turned into The Tweeter. I wasn't excited about it... but I though to myself it was time to embrace change. I embraced it as much as I could, but continued to call it The World.

You know what happened after that? The name changed again to The First Midwest Bank Amphitheater.

By this change I was starting to get irate. I mean come on! It will always be The World to me.

Today I received horrible news.

The Tinley Park concert venue got a new name again. It's now known as Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.

Stick a fork in me... I'm done.

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