It's a new year, and Tina Fox is looking for a fresh start.

Quest Nutrition "Beyond The Bar" Protein Powder Release Celebration
Getty Images - Christopher Polk

Don't look at this as a New Years Resolution, look at this as a new "Tina Fox". Tina is on a mission to create a healthier, better Tina. This is fantastic and I am honored that she has asked me for help.

For starters, Tina is going to the gym and getting her sweat on. She has been asking me what to do and taking my suggestions.  Tina's description of certain machines and weights at the gym are the funniest descriptions ever.

You know that one thing that has the bendy thingy and the seat? - Tina Fox

A big part of getting in shape is your diet. Tina makes no bones about it, that what she eats can be "pure garbage". So let's start simple and delicious.

I love Quest Bars, and supplement them in my diet weekly. I asked Tina what flavors she DOESN'T like and grabbed her a variety of Quest Bars.

In the first edition of "Tina Tries It" she describes her eating, and tries a Strawberry Cheesecake Quest Bar.



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