It's time to clean up Rockford by getting rid of the rundown buildings.

The thing that really discourages me about Rockford is driving around town and seeing all of the old and rundown buildings and properties. I always wonder why we can't tear them down. Let's make them parking lots or green space.

According to,

"We're looking at abandoned business signs, temporary banners, abandoned vehicles, blighted vehicles, things like that and we're actually taking an approach to get those remedied and work on beautification." 

I'm so happy to hear this is happening. It's embarrassing to drive downtown for events with friends and family from out of town and see all the abandoned trashy looking buildings. It's hard to justify that Rockford is a good place to live, when they see all that.

People complain that there isn't enough parking. This would create so much more. How about some more green space for families to enjoy themselves? A new business may be more willing to start up in a location, if there isn't a horrible looking old building already sitting there.

Way to go city of Rockford. I can't wait to see the progress. Keep up the good work.


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