Wisconsin deer hunting season opened with three hunters shooting themselves.

A couple of my buddies were really excited. Deer hunting season was opening in Wisconsin. They live for that kind of stuff. Those guys wait all year to do it. They have all the gear and head out to the woods.

I've never been hunting, but I think I understand the basic concept. So, that's why I'm a little confused.

According to wifr.com,

"Three hunters shot themselves on the opening day of Wisconsin's gun deer season."

Now I have to know what happened.

1. "A man was working on his firearm when it discharged into his right ankle.

2. "A man was sitting in the cab of his truck when he saw a deer. When the hunter went to move his rifle, it went off, sending a bullet through his leg and then the truck's seat and door."

3. "A man bent over and his holstered handgun fired, hitting his leg."

I'm glad no one was seriously hurt.

If you are going out hunting this season, please be careful.

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