A local library in Illinois has received threatening emails about a controversial event they're hosting.

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Illinois Library Angers Residents With Special Event

Many of the residents in Downers Grove, Illinois were upset after the local library announced an event. It immediately became a big controversy in that town. It resulted in threatening emails, calls, and social media posts to the librarians on staff. The event is going to feature bingo and music performances hosted by Drag Queen, Aurora Divine.


Illinois Library To Host Drag Queen Bingo

The Downers Grove Library announced they would be hosting a Drag Queen Bingo event. It's going to be held on October 11th. Children from junior high and high school in the area were invited to participate. It immediately sold out.

Drag queen wearing a green gown with sequins.

Results Of Threats To Downers Grove Library

With the serious threats to the library, the local police have increased patrols around the building.

According to patch.com, 

Awake Illinois released a public service announcement urging residents to share their concerns with the library "in the interest of social welfare.


Police patrol in winter
Police patrol in winter

Downers Grove Library Responds To Threats Over Drag Queen Program

According to dglibrary.org,

Diverse programs, such as Drag Queen Bingo, help everyone see people who are different being accepted and celebrated.


We understand that this program might not be for everyone - just as all programs, books, services, and other materials from the library will have different audiences

For the whole statement, take a look at the post from the Downers Grove Public Library Facebook page,

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