You're drunk Mother Nature, go home.


apetor, YouTube

Waking up to more snow. I mean I'm not really surprised, this beginning of 2017 has been so crazy weather wise. Did you know that by this time next week, it will be 60 and sunny?

  • No snow fall in Chicago in January in February for the first time in 146 years, that's no joke. Mother Nature, you're drunk.
  • It rained, snowed, got to the upper 50's and down into the teens in a matter or 11 days. Mother Nature, you're drunk.
  • The high winds are so out of control that trampolines, and farm animals are flying through the air. Mother Nature, you're drunk.
  • Did you watch the "Creepy Tornado Siren" video? Mother Nature, you're drunk.

April and May will be warm months with less rain. This is usually a wet few months, but Mother Nature is drunk.

Also this summer will not be as hot, and this is where the rain will come in.





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