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The Green Bay Packers moved up in the NFL Draft to select a quarterback a few years ago. Feelings were hurt and now the possibility of restructuring Aaron Rodgers contract is pretty much dead. The Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packer relationship is over.

Here is the best QB in team history, yes he is better than Favre...and the Green Bay Packer organization appears to simple be done with him. Aaron Rodgers contract runs through 2023, but he will be gone before that expires. As big of a Chicago Bears fan as I am, I know that Rodgers is not just "another player." He is the type of player that the organization should be willing to go above and beyond for his every need. That's not happening, and now this happened...Fansided 

The Green Bay Packers are not willing to restructure his contract and the CEO of the Packers sounds like he's ready to break up with Rodgers and is being non-committal when asked.

Packers CEO Mark Murphy was asked by a fan, why the Green Bay Packers didn't change his contract to make it seem like they are in it for the long haul with Rodgers?

“I can’t really get into specific players, we’ve been able to create room with others.” - Mark Murphy Packers CEO

Wait, what? Others? But not your star QB???

Face it Packer fans, the relationship is over. They drafted a QB, they won't restructure his contract and show commitment. Give him is jacket and class ring back, because Rodgers will be on the market after next season.

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