When you think good cheese, you better think Wisconsin.

What's your go-to order at Noodles & Company? For me, and for a lot of people, it's their delicious Wisconsin Mac & Cheese.  I will never forget the first time I tried it, I was actually in Wisconsin. I think was 7 or 8 and my life truly changed forever.

I was always a Mac & Cheese lover, but this was unlike any mac I'd ever had. It had the delicious cheese sauce, but then it also had all of this shredded cheese on top. Then when you mix it all together it becomes a gorgeous creamy blend.

I guess I never gave it any thought that the cheese was actually from Wisconsin. I mean, I don't see why they would lie about it, but the thought never crossed my mind. All I know is I'm obsessed.

That is truly my mood when it comes to mac.

I mean, who could deny this goodness?

WisconsinFarmer details -

When it comes to the ingredients for their top-selling menu item, the fast-casual restaurant chain Noodles & Company doesn’t mess around. For this popular menu item – Wisconsin Mac and Cheese – they use several cheeses from one of the state’s premier cheese makers, Sartori Cheese.

Sartori, based in Plymouth, is a fourth-generation family-owned company and is known for its premium artisanal cheeses. “We have a great relationship with Sartori,” says Nick Graff, the vice president of culinary innovation at Noodles & Company. “If we want to try something innovative they have the ability to work with us and make it happen.

Noodles & Company actually has some of its roots in Wisconsin. The company's founder Aaron Kennedy got his MBA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1989. He opened the first chain in Denver and soon after opened one up in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin cheese is what makes Noodles & Company's mac the best. According to WisconsinFarmer -

If there’s a “secret in the sauce” for the Noodles & Company macaroni and cheese, it’s the cheese, Wisconsin cheese -- and lots of it.

Clearly, everyone loves it considering they sell a whopping 10 million orders of Wisconsin Mac and Cheese each year. That's A LOT of mac, and I'm definitely part of those orders.


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