Wisconsin Police are investigating a crash that was captured on a dash cam video.

This is all too familiar to me.

I do a lot of driving. I do more driving in a day than most do in a week. Ninety percent of my driving is done on major expressways.

It never fails. I always see someone driving in the left hand fast lane going a reasonable speed limit. Then, all of a sudden I see someone fly up to the bumper of the first car.

The driver following closely behind the first car is following dangerously close. It usually involves a lot of nail biting on my end in the other lane because I know how terribly dangerous this is.

What really is nerve racking is being the one being tailgated. It's happened to me and I'm positive it has happened to you as well. I usually just try to change lanes as soon as that happens, but sometimes you can't.

One thing you don't want to do is brake check the person behind you.

I know what you are thinking, why not!? This jerk is following behind me so close he deserves to learn to slow down!

Well, this is exactly why:

You can see from the footage above just how dangerous tailgating a driver, or brake checking a driver can be.

According to WGN, this video was captured by a vehicle with a dash cam.

It was taken on I-41 near Green Bay on Thursday. It shows exactly why you shouldn't brake check the tailgater behind you. And for the record, you shouldn't be following that closely either.