Early Monday morning there was a fatal car crash that took place on North Alpine Road.

Since then the person responsible for the accident has been charged.

But the ignorance of one has now left a family without a loved one.

The victim of Monday's fatal crash has been identified. And I couldn't believe it was someone who I went to school with.

Daniel Rauner, 38 of Rockford was someone I remember seeing around the halls of Harlem. I didn't know him personally, but we did have mutual friends.

And everything I've seen said about him has been that he had a giant heart and was there to help anyone who needed it.

I can't even imagine the hell his family must be going through right now.

Rauner was a husband, son, brother, and friend to many.

Because this was such an unexpected tragedy, no insurance was in place for something like funeral expenses.

A GoFund Me has been set up to help his family with those unforeseen costs.

When I reached out to his family about getting their permission to share the fundraising link, I asked if there was anything else that they wanted said about their loved one.

I was told his wife Anna wanted this shared:

The heart that’s meant to love you will fight for you when you want to give up, pick you up when you’re feeling down, and will give their smile when it’s hard for you to find yours. They will never get strength from seeing you weak, power from seeing you hurt, or joy from seeing you cry. The heart that’s meant to love you wants to see the best of you ,not to hurt you! Never forget that because this is the kind of man that Danny Rauner was if you were not a friend of Danny Rauner‘s after meeting him if you became his friend you were a friend for life.......

The cost of the funeral was greater than the Rauner family anticipated so all money raised is going towards those expenses.

They are incredibly thankful for the support prayerfully, financially and emotionally they have been receiving.

If you would like to help this family please click on the link below:

Let this be a reminder to us all that it is NEVER acceptable to drink and drive. No one should ever have to lose a loved one because of your poor decisions.





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