This is where Ebenezer Floppen Slopper's in Oakbrook Terrace came to die.

Back in the 80's your parents may have driven you to Ebenezer Floppen Slopper's near Roosevelt Road and Route 83.

It was a happening place to be during the summer months. According to Wikipedia, there were two 800 foot concrete water slides and they eventually added five additional slides and a wading pool.

This reminds me of the water slides I used to visit growing up. They were concrete, scary and all that took you down the water slide was a one inch thick foam mat. You always left bloody and bruised because no one should go down a cement water slide with a foam mat.

The park ended up closing in 1989 for reasons that are unknown to the general public. In my mind, without knowing a reason for the closure, I'm quick to judge.

My mind wanders, was it ghosts? Someone hurt themselves terribly on the slide? I don't know. But one thing I do know, is it is abandoned, over grown and downright creepy.

See for yourself!